Don’t let your money go to the unclaimed assets register.

The Unclaimed Assets Register contains:

£400 million – Unclaimed money in bank and building society accounts.

£400 million – Amount of upaid money in life assurance and pension schemes.

£1 billion – Total unclaimed money in NS & I products. (excluding premium bonds).


It is easy over the years to lose track of bits of cash in various bank accounts and small pension funds. For anyone having to deal with a relative’s estate, that task becomes even harder, trying to work out someone elses financial dealings and locate essential paperwork.

For this reason, we have access to a handy booklet which can help. It will help you to keep a record of important information, such as your Will, share certificates, bank accounts, pension and life assurance plans and where they are kept. When completed, this booklet should then be kept in a safe place or passed to your solicitors for safe keeping.

This booklet is available upon request. (limit one per person).