Time Saving Tips

 If you have ever wished for more hours in the day to get everything done, then here are 6 simple ideas to help make your day more productive:




Time Saver Tip 1

Prioritise. Check your in-tray daily and create a ‘Going Home’ pile of work which you absolutely MUST do before you can leave. Ensure this pile is tackled FIRST before you get distracted.

Time Saver Tip 2

Order. Create a ‘To Do List’  and keep it in a spreadsheet.  Use a different sheet for short and long term tasks. This will allow you to keep track of long term tasks, without being distracted while working on more urgent work.  Always add a ‘Do by’ date for each task to help prioritise.   You can move items onto the more urgent sheet as deadlines get closer.

Time Saver Tip 3

Speed. Speed up meetings by circulating an agenda – that way, people can choose if they need to attend. You could also try hold meetings later – perhaps closer to 5pm to reduce them over-running.

Time Saver Tip 4

Delay. Don’t put off difficult tasks – If you have to do something you hate don’t keep looking at it, get it over and done with, otherwise it can be a distraction and become additional clutter.

Time Saver Tip 5

If you have set business goals. Check if your tasks get you closer to meeting these goals, otherwise leave them until after others that will.  It is very useful to set goals, and a good way to ensure you are staying on track and moving towards a target.

Time Saver Tip 6

If you are fairly organised  –

  1. Does this organisation still meet your needs?  
  2. Should some tasks be delegated ? 
  3. Do you need more space to store stuff if your desk is getting overloaded and you can’t find anything ? 
  4. Would some additional equipment speed tasks up ?

Every so often take a step back and take a quick review.  Start by looking at the most time consuming tasks.  A few small changes here and there could add up to a big time saving in the long term.

Hopefully there was something in the above list which you will want to try out, and with any luck it may save time and stress levels.


National Loan Guarantee Scheme

A New National Loan Guarantee Scheme was launched yesterday by the Treasury for small businesses with a turnover of less than 50m.

Businesses taking out a NLGS loan to receive a 1% discount compared to the interest rate they would otherwise have received outside the scheme. Please see link for details of the scheme:


Barclays bank are offering a new Barclays Cashback Finance Scheme, which has been launched following the Governments National Loan Guarantee Scheme.   They offer upfront cashback , calculated as a 1% discount on the price of the loan, over the first 5 years (or duration of loan term if less than 5 years).  This is available for some business loans and Commercial Mortgages over £25,000.

Further details of Barclays cashback are available via their webpage: 





Lasting Power of Attorney – How it helps.

Setting up a Power of Attorney won’t make you rich, but it will reduce the stress and hassle for your family should anything unpleasant happen to you.

Essentially, a Power of Attorney is a legal document that nominates a trusted individual to deal with your financial affairs and property in the unfortunate event of you being incapacitated, either physically or mentally. 

Without a Lasting power of attorney your family may need to apply to the Court of Protection to be able to make any decisions on your behalf.  This can be costly, and demanding and stressful for your relatives, friends and carers.  It is not tax planning but an essential aspect of it.


How to escape the same old…

 Do you feel your business is trapped in the ‘same old’ ?

Are you just taking each day as it comes hoping you will still be in business this time next year ?

It is important on occasion to lift your head up from your desk, and take a little time out to consider where your business is going. 

 Apart from the obvious purpose, (to earn a living), it is always useful and effective to be more specific about what your aiming for.  

Deciding business goals, will in the long run save time and money. It  should effectively influence all the actions you take each day while running your business. 

Once goals are set you can look at what you are doing, and consider the following:

  • Does it get you closer to your goal, great !  If not why are you spending your precious time on it ?
  • Are there things you should be doing to do to achieve your goal  ? Sometimes it becomes a habit to put tricky tasks off.
  • Are you keeping on track ? Once goals are set up, it is easy to forget about them and go back to the ‘usual’.  Keep a note by your desk to remind you why you are there !
  • Don’t forget to monitor your progress.  This will give you a boost for the tough times when problems crop up. 

Clearly, setting business goals is an important part of being in business, and you must not forget to consider personal goals too.  Family life can disrupt even the best laid plans, and not everyone wants to work until they drop.

If you need help with this, we can go through this with you in more detail, and help produce an in depth detailed action plan to help you move forward.  Please give us a call on 01225 751302 to book an appointment, and make a start today.


Late tax return filing penalty ?

If you have recently received a letter from HM Revenue and Customs with regard to  non filing of your 2010/11 tax return, you need to act now !  The inital £100 penalty is just the start. 

After 3 months there are additional penalties of up  to £10 per day to a maximum of £900.  This is on top of the initial £100.

After 6 months there is an additional £300 or 5% of tax due, whichever is highest.  Again on top of previous fines. 


Where there is a late partnership tax return, each partner will face penalties.

Even if you are worried about paying your tax bill, it is better to do something about it rather than wait and accumulate a considerable debt on top of any tax owed.

Do not delay, call us now to make an appointment to see Jo our Tax Expert, who will be able to help and advise you.  Call 01225 751302.