Best of Bristol Business Exhibition 28th Feb 2012

On Tuesday 28th February 2012, we will be attending the Best of Bristol Business Exhibition at the Bristol City Football Club exhibition centre from 10am – 3.30pm.

There will be around 140 stands offering various services to businesses. You can find us at stand number 139 in the middle near to reception.

There is FREE parking, FREE entry and some useful seminars, including one on low cost ways to win new customers, which we will be looking to attend.

For further details please see

How To Stop Care Fees From Costing Your Home !

If you paid a mortgage for most of your working life to purchase your home, it could be taken from you in your last few years.  

Do you think it is fair ?

If you are one of the millions that think the system is unfair, and that it penalises those that work hard to provide for their future, and that of their loved ones there  is a solution.

Do you want to protect your savings and inheritances from being swallowed up by long term care fees ?

This question is worth asking because should you or any of your family ever need to go into a care home, you may find most of your savings taken by the government to pay for care home fees.

The facts are quite alarming. Surveys show that:

  • Typical care fees can cost £30,000 per year or more.
  • If you have assets or capital (ie) your home is worth over £23,000, you would be expected to pay 100% of the cost of your care home fees.
  • As people live longer, the cost of fees can seriously erode an inheritance.

What you can do.

There is a way to protect savings and inheritances from this, through the use of an Asset Protection Trust.  This allows your assets to be ring fenced from long term care costs.  You will still have access to the money and assets in Trust when needed, but can avoid it being used when calculating your contribution to care home fees. 

As you would pay less in care home fees, this leaves you more left over to spend during your lifetime and pass on to your loved ones on your death.

In order for this to work, an arrangement needs to be in place long before care is needed, as it cannot be done retrospectively or once the need for care arises. 

Don’t leave it too late to get something in place.  We can advise on this issue with a free one hour consultation available on request.  Please call us to make an appointment with our tax expert.