2011 Tax Saving Tips

  • If you use your home for business purposes, care is needed now in order to avoid any surprise Capital Gains Tax bills arising when you eventually sell the property.

If any part of property is used for business then ensure that it is not used exclusively for business purposes, by making sure that the room has dual purpose (business and personal). If any part of the garden is used for business then it may be possible to reverse use prior to sale to save tax.

When considering the planning please give our tax expert a call to discuss this further on 01225 751302. 

  • If you continue to rent out your investment property, then you may wish to consider a tax allowance against the rental income for expenditure on energy saving insulation.

An allowance of up to £1,500 for expenditure on energy saving insulation is allowed per property as a landlord. This can include wall, floor and loft insulation for expenditure before 6th April 2015.

  • Company owners may wish to consider making contributions to your business for use of the company car in order to reduce your tax bill. In order to save tax it will need to be carefully documented. Please contact us if you are interested to discuss the matter further.


New Team Member – Sondari Parve

We are pleased to announce a new member of the Blomfields team. 

Sondari Parve has been with us for a few weeks, she is originally from Estonia, and moved to England in 2005.  She has recently completed her level 3, AAT qualification in June 2011, and will be resuming her studies in September 2011. 

At present she is being trained in accounts preparation and reception cover, so you may meet her on the front desk.

 Away from the office, she enjoys socialising, reading and dining out with friends.

We are sure she will make an excellent addition to our team.

Closing the deal business breakfast

Our business breakfast event this week proved to be a hit.  We received excellent comments from attendees who found it very useful.

Brian O'Connor Barclays Bank

Brian O’Connor, our speaker from Barclays Bank took us through problems businesses face when trying to get a loan.  

He then went on to give some  suggestions of things you can do to make a loan application more sucessful, and outline what the banks are looking for when you apply.

Dave Smith Reaching New Heights

Dave Smith from Reaching New Heights, our second speaker went through difficulties businesses owners can often have, when trying to close a deal with  potential customers.

He gave some simple, but useful ideas of what to say, and how to deal with customers who may be expecting to buy purely based on price.

The quiet and beautiful surroundings of the Glove Factory Studios were condusive to a relaxed, informal and productive event.

Managing Business Stress

Taming Your To Do List








A major cause of stress for business owners is being confronted with a To Do list that stretches from here to eternity.

This can change with a little organisation, and also improve your efficiency when dealing with tasks.

This will ensure:

  • Urgent tasks are tackled urgently.

  • Important tasks are not overlooked.

  • Less important items can stay out of mind until they surface.

  • You start to feel more in control.

  •  One way of organising your tasks is via a spreadsheet, this can contain worksheets for each main area of responsibility.

    eg) research, writing and seminars.

  • Add each new action point to the relevant worksheet, and assign a do by date to it.
  • Ideas can also be dealt with in the same way, with idea in the due date to distinguish it.

  • Every few days re-sort your list by date and move things for that week onto a seperate action worklist printed out on A4.

  • Keep the action list on your desk marking off completed tasks with a highlighter, so you can see how much you have achieved and what is left to do.

    This method allows you to always keep focus on your highest priorities at the time, your future tasks are logged, and as your printed list is quite short, it will always seem more manageable and you should feel less swamped.

    This extract was provided courtesy of Steve Pipe’s book “Stress Proof your business and your life”. http://stevepipe.com/index.php/Books/stress-proof-your-business-and-your-life.html

    We are planning an event in the autumn covering the subject of managing stress, where we hope to provide advice, information and demonstrations.

    If you would like further details of this as they become available, please email your contact details to gwyn@blomfields.com or give us a call on 01225 751302.

    Closing The Deal Business Breakfast.

    Just a quick reminder and a bit more information about our Business Breakfast next week.

    Our speaker for the morning will be Dave Smith, a performance coach and sales trainer with 16 years experience managing his own IT business.   He will offer guidance and ideas for using the skills you already have to close the deal.

    Many people are good at what they do, but find it very hard to get this message across to potential customers without feeling unsure or uncomfortable.

    At the Breakfast, Dave will lead you through proven techniques to achieve this, with ‘7 of 107 ways’ to get more sales.  Primarily aimed at small to medium businesses, there will be something for you whatever trade you are in.

    “If you are meeting lots of potential clients, but struggling to convert them into new business, then you will benefit from this FREE to attend event.”

    Places for this event are filling up, but if you are interested then please give us a call and we will see if we can fit you in.  If you are already booked to attend, we look forward to seeing you there.

    For booking please contact; Blomfields 01225 751302 or email annette@blomfields.com and we will get back to you.